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What is PVD plated watch?


Have you ever wondered what it means PVD, what it is and how is it related to the industry of watches?

On your wrist, the Aiverc’s rich golden yellow or pink shade is unmistakable. No wonder! Because what you see is gold. Real gold. And although it looks very much like one, this watch is far more affordable than a solid-gold model. Thesecret of its beauty is a sophisticated manufacturing process called PVD,short for Physical Vapour Deposition. PVD basically consists in covering the entire surface of your watch, and often its bracelet, with a thin layer of titaniumnitride, an extremely dense and exceptionally hard metal compound. Affected in a vacuum close to that of outer space, this coating provides your watch withefficient long-lasting protection against the accidental scratches, scrapes, and blemishes that eventually scar every wrist-worn watch. It is in fact nearly as hardas sapphire, itself second only to diamond in hardness.

Several manufacturers create their pieces by using metals such as stainless steel or titanium. However, in order to enhance the beauty and toughness against scratches and blows, it is usually coated using a PVD technique.


PVD is applied mostly to improve the beauty and technical features of the watch. After the titanium comes a layer of gold. It gives your watch thesame warm, lustrous good looks as solid gold – as well as very real protection againstcorrosion, not least by saltwater, sweat, and pollution. Plus a long-term guaranteeagainst staining and tarnishing. All this for a small fraction of the price of gold!In other words, this tiny layer applied with vapor not only protects the watch from rust and wear but also gives it more elegant-look.



Lastly,it is good to know that the entire PVD process is environmentally harmless. No pollutingsubstances are produced and no toxic residues from any stage of the process exist topoison our planet. PVD is safe, clean and environmentally friendly.Today it is possible to find PVD coatings in different materials and characteristics.At Aiverc you can find all of our watches with PVD coating.Whatever collection of Aiverc you choose your Aiverc PVD timepiece from, youknow you will have chosen wisely and well. For although it will look and feel like gold fora long time to come, the Aiverc PVD watch’s exceptional value over many long yearsremains the best surprise of all.



Aiverc uses a special deep black coating deposited on steel using the Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) method. This premium quality option is designed to meetcustomers' high expectations.The coating is mainly composed of chromium carbide, which improves resistance to wearand corrosion by increasing the hardness and oxidation levels. It can be up to one micronthick and is firmly fixed to its stainless steel base. This deposition method is a purelyphysical process, taking place in a virtual vacuum and at high temperatures. The entireprocedure is completely environmentally friendly.Although this black coating has been chosen for its durability, the decorative layer is thinand may wear if subjected to repeated friction or impacts. The warranty does not coversuch cases.


  • 316L stainless steel

    Sapphire glass with AR coated

    PVD plated

    Japanese miyota movement 2035

    Quick release straps

    Premium genuine leather

    3D pressured dial

    50 meter water resistance

    2 year warranty