About Us

Discover a premium watch brand, inspired by fashion art and architecture. Forget about what a watch should looks like.

Our Story

Do you wish there was a watch that embodied your unique style? Have you grown tired of classic watch designs and are looking for something different? We feel the same way. Aiverc is a bold new watch designer that is dedicated to creating exciting luxury watches that everyone can enjoy.

Our Beginnings

Aiverc is the brainchild of Crevia. Starting from a young age, she has always been fascinated by the works of contemporary architects, such as Jørn Utzon, and was inspired to take up her own creative pursuits.

Tired of classic watches that hadn’t seen a significant update in centuries, she created Aiverc. Her goal was to push the boundaries of art and fashion in the same way her favourite architects have. Thanks to her drive and determination, Aiverc is now creating innovative new watches like nothing the world has seen before.

Our Inspiration

Aiverc watches are a fusion of modern art, fashion and contemporary architecture. The best architects build stunning and mysterious cityscapes for us to explore. They brighten our surroundings and mesmerise us with their ingenuity. That’s what we want to do for your watch. 

Every building is different. Each structure has its own feel and its own personality. We think watches should be the same way. Just like the most stunning architectural masterpieces of our time, each of our watches has its own unique style.

Our Mission

Our goals for Aiverc extend far beyond designing a watch that catches your eye. We’re also committed to building watches of the highest quality and luxury, at an affordable price.

Everyone deserves a watch they can be proud of. You shouldn’t have to make sacrifices when you’re trying to express yourself. That’s why we’ve scoured the world for the best partners and suppliers.

Our Promise

We’ve formed relationships that have allowed us to build premium luxury watches for an affordable price. And it’s our pleasure to pass those savings on to you. We promise to always build watches of the highest quality, that are bold, unique, and most importantly, affordable.