Our Story

Hi, I’m Crevia.

So, Aiverc just sort of happened - I never really thought I’d be here, creating designer watches. 

I had always loved art, whether it was making it, or just simply enjoying the creativity of others. 

And I’m not going to lie, art has helped me through some tough times.

Whenever life felt too fast, I’d always find myself drawn back to art - just to slow down, breathe, and remember what was important. 

I looked into it, and hey, art therapy was actually a thing, it was helpful to all sorts of people! From depression to grief, art really had helped people. 

I wanted to create a world of colour and creativity that brought people together, and I was going to do it with art therapy and fashion.

What’s Our Problem?

So I’d had this breakthrough that art and creativity was real therapy for the problems we were facing in our too-fast-lives.

I knew if we could all experience great art, it would give everyone the chance to slow down, explore our issues, and refocus our energy.

But inspiring creativity can be hard to find right? Truly uplifting art seems to be reserved for the midday chardonnay-sippers who don’t have to worry about grocery bills. 

The art that we should all experience tends to be locked in a glass gallery on high street, and not in our everyday lives. 

And the healing power of art should not be reserved just for those rocking expensive designer watches. 

So I wanted to change that…

How We See It

Aiverc is about bringing people together through art that is accessible for everyone. 

And one of the most available forms of art has always been fashion. 

Just like art, fashion captures a feeling of that moment in time, a snapshot of hope, creativity, pain, and appreciation, just like any painting in a gallery. 

Unfortunately, it’s called the fashion industry for a reason - these days it’s just an assembly line of sameness.

Our way to fix that is to create original pieces of art in the form of designer contemporary watches. 

We want to create pieces of art that you carry with you all the time. So every time you look at your wrist, you’re reminded of the beauty in the world, and how far you’ve come in your own journey.

That’s therapy in art. 

Oh, and did we mention it’s affordable?

Is Aiverc for You?

Our art is for everyone, but not everyone wants to stand out in the crowd. 

Aiverc contemporary watches are bold, original, and designed to start conversations. And we want it that way.

There is not enough time in life to bottle up our emotions, so express them in anyway you can. 

So if you really want to say “This is me”, and share creativity with those around you, Aiverc is for you. 

Standing the Test of Time

While we’re super proud of bringing art to the world of affordable designer watches, at the end of the day, if it stops being a watch, well, you’ve just got a (very) pretty paper weight.

All Aiverc contemporary watches are designed by our young team in our Sydney Studio. 

And trust us, it took ages to get it right. We’ll spare you the technical details, but let’s just say a lot of work went into making sure our designer watchers will stand the test of time. We have a genuine focus on quality over quantity, and it really shows in our time pieces.  

Despite all of those moving parts, all of our watches have a 2 year warranty, so you can rest assured Aiverc will be by your side, and on your wrist, for some time to come. 

Wearing Your Art on Your Sleeve

There’s no art to enjoying art. 

There’s no skill needed in appreciating the creativity that’s all around us. 

There’s not right or wrong way to make art, wear art, or enjoy art.

Just express yourself, start conversations, and look at the art on your wrist to remember that every day is a gift.