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March 24, 2019 1 min read

Ontario black watch style in all black outfit

AIVERC, the new watch company just have launched their first collection! In collaboration with them, please let me introduce you their amazing collection!


The whole collection is inspired by the world-renowned Sydney Opera House, Faena Art Centre and Royal Ontario Museum. 
So you know, fashion and architecture are like siblings. Then you can get the best inspiration to your line from an amazing building. My true love is their black watch named Ontario

Balazs style on Ontario Black watch

From the name of the watch and the inspiration, you can guess that the other two are Faena and Opera. Genuinely I really love the idea that they have named their watches based on the inspiration. Therefore my outfit for this watch was inspired by its details.

So I have decided to go a bit elegant, but on my own way. Since suits do not even suit me, I’ve tried to do elegant that will work on every body type. Even though I am skinny and have wide shoulders I’ve never could wear a suit on the way that has to be worn. To me a white T-shirt with a nice sweatshirt is everything. And the Aiverc watch have some similar details too. With stripes and several black, metallic and indigo on the Ontario.

Ontario All Black

Until most of the watches are separated for occasions, these ones are wearable from dinner to even a gym. Who can’t love a watch that looks good on his/her wrist when they do sport or go out to have a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant. So this is why I’m really familiar with their design! To me Aiverc has nailed it, and my personal favourite is the Ontario.

Written by: Balazs Zsalek